First and second sessions

Spring came to Kilm, the snow had mostly melted, muddy boots were the norm. Merchants and travelers had started to come to the small town with the better weather. Over the next several days new team members arrived from points beyond. Sonya, a dancing warrior, J’har, a wizard from the city of Flatrock and a friend of Gavin’s, Colonel Raz, a Warden who had worked with Samuel. All wanted to join the group for various reasons. They were blessed by Uncle Benton and the group got to know each other.

It was still early spring when Uncle Benton died. The magics keeping him alive and his cottage standing failed and everything faded to dust. With nothing to bury, the townsfolk erected a monument to the elder.

That night Adrianna gathered the group and told them that they would be heading out. They had to travel a long ways to the northwest into the mountains. They had to make it to a certain area before the summer solstice to receive the blessing of the Gods. Then they have to travel to a nexus to get four items which will be put together into a coin and a key. These will let them access a gate. Forces of evil will be attempting to gain these items and access the gateway themselves.

The group set off on their mission and made it to the summer solstice area with little problems, the most notable, a run in with some humanoid spider creatures and some two headed giants. Everyone had a vision during the night of the summer solstice and the Gods rewarded the group individually. This completed, the group headed out to the nexus with high spirits. They crossed a massive mountain range, encountering snow on the heights even in the summer. At the summit they saw a lush green valley spread out in front of them. A village was near that bottom of the mountain, smoke rising from chimneys.

A day and a half later the group made it to the village, now empty and burned down. It seemed like a group of large bears, dogs or wolves and humanoids had come into the village, burning and kidnapping the inhabitants. There weren’t many bodies, so they had been taken alive. The group found an old man hidden under a bed, almost dead.

He said that white giants, white wolves and white bears had swarmed the village, taking the villagers. His family had hidden him before they had been taken. The group took the old man on a travois to chase after the villains. He wasn’t in great health and died on the trail. After a ceremony, he was buried.

Over the next couple of days the group came across other emptied villages. It looked like they were catching up though.

Midday the group was coming over a rise and saw several white wolves, a couple of white bears and two white giants. The wolves and bears were scattered with a couple of fireballs from Gavin and one of the giants was ridden down by Raz, Corby and Sonya. Raz took a couple of massive hits from the giant’s battle axe, losing his little finger. He was whittled down and dropped. The other giant was taken out by Gavin’s long range spells.

They continued on, Adrianna saying that they were heading in the right direction and within a day came across some ruins up against a mountainside. The nexus was in a direct line through the ruins. There were three very large hide tents outside, ruined walls and a building that lead into the mountain. About 10 wolves, 4 bears and three giants were outside. Every once in awhile some hobgoblins would come out, take people that looked like villagers from the tents and took them inside the mountain.

They came up with the plan of Creighton taking Gavin up on a carpet and the mage taking out as many enemies as possible with fireballs. The rest of the group would be invisible and let the enemies come towards them. This plan fell apart when the giants fell back instead of coming at them. The group was over eager and ran towards the tents. The fight was harder because the group was so spread out.

All of the attacking enemies were taken care of and the group confronted the wolf who was guarding the hostages. It killed one of the villagers in front of the group and Gavin killed it with a flaming orb. At that point, two hobgoblins popped out of the mountain entrance and shot arrows at the group.

This is where the game session ended.

Things to take care of: - Hobgoblins - Search the tents - Release the villagers - Find out if the nexus is inside the mountain



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