NPC Names

Names of NPCs/things of interest that the PCs have come across

PC Names

Sonya: Fighter/Bard – Rachel

Gavin: Warmage/Cleric – Derek

J’haar: Wizard/Mindbender – Tim

Stepton: Cleric, Dwarf – Mike

Colonel Raz: Warden, Colonel of New Baronage – Andrew

On the road

Jordan: caravan driver we meet after the spider attack

Eleman: merchant family of the caravan that was attacked by spiders

Adam Eleman: merchant son – alive

Charles Eleman: merchant son – dead

New Baronage

Arch Thane Kaufgan: merchant who owned the wagon Adam was shipping goods on

Arvast Rellum: person I gave the message to in New Baronage (1/2 of a disk)

Lord Vast: Arch Thane who hired Janos and I

Malor Dall: Vast’s representative

Vaastaldt: Potential enemy of the Baron. Wealth comes from somewhere. Has 2 sons and a daughter, we took over his manor, Decious is the Thane there now

Leptus: First born of Vaastaldt, alive

Kernan: Second son of Vaastaldt, dead (Corby killed him)

Silvia: Daughter of Vaastaldt, alive, studying somewhere

Sharon: Whore, sandy blonde hair

Celine: Whore, dark hair, likes Decious

Shirley: Whore, red hair, also known as Silk Cat, our contact in New Baronage

Captain Morgan: Our contact for the Baron

Camdall: Chamberlain for the Baron

Irving: Royal Mage of New Baronage

Krade: Assisting Vaastaldt with his scheme, had slaves and trogs in swamp, holding the ambassador

Lord Deception: Someone who is scheming in Flatrock

L. E. I. M.: Wrote a note to Lord Deception, is in Flatrock

Gaylord: Captain of the Whitecloaks


Merkamel the Dark: Cleric in Muckhive

Krade: Leader in Muckhive, a slinger

Allen: Captured and executed

Jeric: Captured and executed

Tom Harrison: Dead

Donner: Dead

Fidwell Softstep: Escaped, we know what he looks like

Lerrad: Escaped, we know what he looks like


Lord Nemeral: Lord of the Keep, High Merchant of Flatrock

Lady Marideth: High Merchant of Flatrock, wife of Lord Nemeral

Journe: 1st son

Karrisa: Daughter

Dewar: 2nd son, traveling in Westmorland

Terronal: 3rd son, squire in Ballastport

Orpheal: Ambassador from Flatrock to New Baronage, Uncle to Nemeral, we saved his life

Quebrus: Chamberlain

Leftenant Beal: Head Guard for Orpheal

Lucious Quaid: Bazzar manager

Conners: Whitecloaks, named for the original group who formed them.

Shuntas: the city’s internal police

Dr. Simons: Head Priest of Dractorus

Dr. George: Priest of Dractorus

Dr. James: Priest of Dractorus, he had cleric abilities, was bit by the carrier and turned into a zombie, kept in a cage in the temple

Canel: We thought it was the name of the carrier that bit Dr. James, but it is actually a Highwayman or Smuggler’s code for the way is dangerous

Sister Gabriel: Head Sister of the Grey (Solstis)

Sister Albie: Sister of the Grey

Righteous Man: Leader of the Thief’s Guild

Raymond Campwell: Sewer Authority’s Superintendent

Artimus Rake: Captain in Flatrock, knew of the silver ship, took us there to get it, kept the ship when we got back to Flatrock. Some of the cat folk stayed to crew with him.


Commander Kralgn: Rakshasa, Pirate captain

William the Ravager: formerly Wilhelm of the Iron Wolves (dead)

Banthor: Human/Weretiger First Mate (dead)

Torraunn: Minotaur/Wereboar Bosuns Mate (dead)

Kitari (Catfolk)

Calrek: Druid

Daaschlaar “Sun Stalker”: ranger

Saphēda Gulāba: Corby’s wife


Falanon Smee: Human/Werecrane – intuitive alchemist

Adrianna: fifth element, Sam has a crush on her, she is now the leader in the fight against evil



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