Sixth session

The next two days were uneventful, they made it to the Emperor’s city with no problems. It took them most of a day to get to the second level from the Emperor’s palace. They spent the rest of the day walking the ring and ensuring that the item they were here to get was actually in the Emperor’s palace.

The group was summoned a couple of days later to meet with the counsel. The Mantis Clan representative was asked to leave and the Emperor’s Chamberlin came to join them. The group was told that an item that was imperative to the Emperor’s succession had been stolen by an Oni called Koto Khan and was being held in the Shadowlands. Several groups had been sent, and none have come back alive.

They think there is a traitor passing information and they would like an outside group of people to help with the retrieval of the staff. They were given several places to go to that would provide valuable information about the Glass Castle where Koto lives. The group traveled to the Green Castle and had to defeat a champion before they could see the seer.

Corby fought a monk cleric and did not succeed. The fates seemed to be against him. Gavin stepped into the ring and with one spell damaged the fighter he faced so badly that the fighter surrendered immediately.

The group then traveled to what was described as a black glass box where a very old man lives and no one has come out after entering. The group gained entry, fought very tough foes. It was a fight where the group had to use a lot of teamwork to defeat the Skin Shifters.

Afterwords, they went up into a tower and found an extremely old dwarf that had been a prisoner in this box. Seems he was the only survivor of an expedition to the Glass Castle and had been put here for punishment. When he was taken out of the box, he died with a smile on his face after seeing the sun.

The last place they went to was a shrine that the Crane clan suggested the group go to. There they found a river spirit folk monk. He was eccentric, Gavin tried to help him make tea, but messed that up. When the monk started to play a flute, Corby interrupted the monk, thinking that the monk was going to charm them with it. He did a knife dance that would not have compared with a dance that Sonya would have done, but it was adequate in his mind. The rest of the group tried to entertain the monk, but failed.

He stood up, annoyed and said that we would have to learn patience and courtesy. They had to head out into the woods, meditate and hope to summon a spirit to atone to. They did this, summoned the spirit after a lot of meditation and it told them how to make things right not only with the monk but with the Lady of the Winds. This done, they headed back to the monk at the shrine.

Corby apologized to him and he seemed to be appeased. The group then left their well rode horses at the nearby village and Wind Walked back to the Capital City, then to the Crab Palace near the Shadowlands Wall

This is what the group found out about the Shadowlands and the Glass Castle:

- Trust no one in the shadowlands, avoid combat whenever possible. - There are no constant directions there, the moon is the only way to navigate. - If you don’t keep to the ground, it will draw unfriendly eyes.

From the Green Castle: - The Glass Castle is invisible by day, it can only been seen by moonlight

From the dwarf in the black box: -The way to the castle is over three peaks. Go over the tallest, it is longer but safer. The shorter peak has the danger.

From the Crane Shrine monk: - Koto Khan has dragon blood (similar to a blue dragon) He sees through disguise and invisibility. - The monk also suggested that the group disguise themselves in their non Rokugani forms. The enemies in the Shadowlands will be looking for, sensing Rodugani life forms. Kazu was able to meditate and changed into an Asmir.



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